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Once upon a time, there was Firefox OS

Firefox OS

  • TambĂ©m conhecido como Boot to Gecko (B2G)
  • Kernel Linux (Android)
  • Apps entirely developed using HTML, Javascript and Web API

Firefox OS

  • Problem: Good mobile devices are too expensive
  • Problem: Cheap mobile devices are too bad
  • Problem: Marjority of people in a lot of countries still use Featured Phones
  • Firefox OS came with the idea of offering smartphones cheapest and with good quality
  • And also democratize the mobile development

Firefox OS structure


Collection of web apps that provide the UI


JS Engine and HTML Render, friendly APIs to access the hardware


Kernel Linux, Device drivers and hardware abstraction

Types of Firefox OS Apps

  • Hosted Apps - stored in your server, easier to update, harder to be approved in the marketplace, limited access to the hardware.
  • Priviledged Apps - stored in the Marketplace (and reviewed by them), uses a Content Security Policy.
  • Certified Apps - part of the Operating System, just for Mozilla and partners.

Web APIs (Hosted Apps)

  • Vibration API
  • Screen Orientation
  • Geolocation API
  • Mouse Lock API
  • Network Information API
  • Battery Status API
  • Alarm API
  • Push Notifications API
  • WebFM API / FMRadio
  • WebPayment
  • IndexedDB
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Notification

Web APIs (Priviledged Apps)

    • Device Storage API
    • Browser API
    • TCP Socket API
    • Contacts API
    • systemXHR

Web APIs (Certified Apps)

  • WebTelephony
  • WebSMS
  • Idle API
  • Settings API
  • Power Management API
  • Mobile Connection API
  • WiFi Information API
  • WebBluetooth
  • Permissions API
  • Network Stats API
  • Camera API
  • Time/Clock API
  • Attention screen
  • Voicemail

Firefox OS Metamorphosis

  • From Smartphone devices to Any Device
  • Firefox OS TV Firefox OS TV Panasonic
  • Firefox OS Rapberry PI Firefox OS on Raspberry PI
  • Connected Devices

Connected Devices

  • Internet of Things (IoT) leads the way to the next phase of the Internet
  • Mozilla wants to ensure:
    • Security for users
    • Interoperability
    • Openness
  • Influence IoT protocols
  • Solve real end user problems

Current Connected Devices Projects

Sensor Web

Project Sensor Web Station

Project Haiku

Haiku prototype

Project Magnet

Closed Projects

  • Project Tablet: Exploring a simple, single-purpose tablet, completely dedicated to browsing the web.
  • Project Link: Personal user agent for the smart home, creating a web of things that is completely yours.
  • Smart Kitchen: Helps answer the question, "What's for dinner?" by identify your existing inventory, and then suggesting recipe options based on available refrigerator ingredients.

Closed Projects

  • Project Cue: Makes use of an always-on voice-enabled smart screen device to set reminders and manage and keep track of activities, events, and to-do lists of family members.
  • Project Vaani: Project Vaani aims to bring a voice interface to the world of connected devices, using open and customizable technologies. We have stopped the Vaani-powered prototype called Vaani-Local and moved the technology building work under "Platform & Tools"
  • Smart Displays: Project is set out to explore the role of displays at home and understand what role displays might play in the future connected home and opportunities for innovation.

Product Innovation Process

  • Lean Canvas
  • Proccess "Gates"
    1. Ideation
    2. Validation (Problem/Solution Fit)
    3. Productisation (Product/Market Fit)
    4. Scaling
  • Public Products

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