How to contribute with Mozilla

Mozilla Brasil

Ways of contribute with Mozilla

  • Doing something to help Mozilla projects
  • Involving with the community

The best way is doing both :)

Why be in community?

  • Shape our identity
  • Share acknowledgement
  • Help and get helped
  • Learn team work
  • Networking

What is Mozilla?

  • Non-profit organization
  • Internet as a global resource: open and accessible
  • People first (shaping the internet)
  • Security and Privacy
  • Transparency and Collaboration

The Mozilla Manifesto

Mozilla Brasil

What Mozilla Brazil does?

  • Contributes with the Mozilla mission
  • Inspire and emancipate people
    • to join and embrace the mission
    • to collaborate with products and Open Source Projects
  • Do what a community does:
    • Join forces towards the goals
    • Share content
    • Facilitate the contribution (like sharing channels of colaboration)

How get in touch?




Mozilla Brazil:

Who we Are?

"We are programmers, lawyers, scientists, designers, students... We are common people who fight to guarantee your freedom and right of expression."

The Mozilla Manifesto

Main Mozilla Projects

Help people with their doubts about Mozilla services and products

SUMO - SUpport MOzilla

SUMO home page

SUMO - SUpport MOzilla

SUMO contribute

Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla Developer Network LOGO

Mozilla Learning Network

Mozilla Learning Network LOGO

Firefox Student Ambassadors

Firefox Student Ambassadors LOGO

Firefox Student Ambassadors

  • Promote Firefox (Desktop, Android and iOS)
  • Launching community products and projects
  • Teach people about the Mozilla mission
  • Teach the Web
  • Help the World be a better place



Mozilla Quality Assurance

Mozilla Quality Assurance LOGO


WoMakersCode LOGO

A free and non-profit project created and maintained by volunteers who aim the female empowerment in the Tech area.

Empowering is incentivize the participation, collaborative learning and above all, give voice to women.

Connect Devices

(Dispositivos Conectados)


Mozilla l10n LOGO
l10n category on Discourse

Event organizing

Event organizing
Getting Started - Event Organizing (pt_BR)
Mozilla on FGSL

Giving talks

Reporting bugs

Test Pilot LOGO


Engaging new members


Lists all core individuals and groups that participate in the Mozilla Project. We call ourselves Mozillians and this is where we connect and share with one another.

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